About Student Portal

What is Student Online Portal?

10GB Email & 35GB Online tools for better learning experience @Micost. With Micost Student online portal, all students with be given a 10GB email & calendarin, 25 GB online storage and a place to share and edit their Microsoft Office documents online using Office Live Workspace. Students may download and share the coursework online, setting up their own study group online and at the same time enjoy the fun of Microsoft Live online service to share their learning experience, research and development work online.

Top Features

  • Large storage size for email (10GB for Outlook Live)
  • Password protected 25GB online storage through Windows Live SkyDrive
  • Collaboration service through Office Live Workspace; room for more than 1000 files
  • Instant messaging
  • Rich calendaring
  • Photo sharing
  • Multiple browser support
  • SMS alerts to mobile phones