Borrowing can be done by bringing the book you want is borrowed into circulation desk. Eligibility and term of the loan is according to that category of user.

* Students who want to borrow reference materials can be applied at the circulation desk. Loan requests will be considered according to current needs.

Return of material can be done by bringing the book you want is borrowed into circulation desk. The material has been borrowed must be returned on or before the specified date. Fines will be imposed for late return materials borrowed.

Users can extend the borrowing period. Renewal of due date can be done at the circulation desk before the due date of the material. Users are allowed to renew the due date provided that no orders from other users, yet still within the period of the loan and no outstanding fines. Pemulangn renewal date can only be done by 1 time only.

The reservation is only permitted for books being borrowed by other users. Reservations can be made at the circulation desk or online. Users will be notified via email delivery. Reserve materials will be stored for 1 week only and will be rearranged in a rack if the user does not borrow the book of the material.

Users are
responsible for reporting any loss or damage of borrowed material to the officer on duty at the circulation counter. Replacement of lost / damaged can be done in several ways: i. The material should be replaced (latest edition) ii. Pay the current cost of these materials iii. If the old material that can not be detected and pricing for local publications and foreign publications RM50.00 RM150.00 State.

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