1. Users must abide by the rules of silence in the library.

  2. Staffs on duty to inspect the books, and other files that are taken out of the library.

  3. Eat, drink and make waste is prohibited in the library. Smoking is not allowed in the library.

  4. Beg, helmets, umbrellas, raincoats and packages are not allowed into the library.

  5. Library users who photocopy are fully responsible for any matters pertaining to the Copyright Act 1987.

  6. Users are not permitted to use mobile phones in the library.

  7. Equipment not allowed removing from a set.

  8. Users must be properly attired as specified by the college. The library reserves the right to request users who are not suitably dressed to leave.

  9. The user is not allowed to bring in any kind of animal into the library.

  10. Users are not allowed to destroy / tearing books and other library property.

  11. Reservation of seats is not allowed. Other users can take the empty seat.

  12. The library reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time.
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